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A bunch of advices to promote your shorts through festivals and online

News . 24 Jul. 2018

A short film creation is always a long journey, with deep happiness and painful period to achieve it

But once production is over, another part of the story begins, the one of the film itself. In less than 10 years, with Internet, many things have changed concerning film distribution and promotion. And this is much more true for short films. Though a long experience on short promotion, website Shortoftheweek has just published an interesting article full of advices to help producers and directors in this process. It asks important questions to you and your project: what strategy to register your film in festivals? Witch ones? How to secure your premiere, and how to choose the best online platforms? Etc…

Those advices comes from a long experience, and they will contribute to help you to ask the right questions about what you really want as creator, and not falling in classic traps : money, wrong priorities, digital marketing, how to anticipate success and next projects… For sure, this article will have soon or late a real interest for any film maker. It will encourage you to keep focus on your career and will help make the right decisions to your own creative becoming.