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CG Animation & FX

Master Degree

Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Toulouse

“CG & Special Effects Project Manager”
Validated at Master level by the French RNCP

Our CG Animation training is proposed at ESMA School in french version in Montpellier, Toulouse, Nantes, Lyon & Montréal ; and in english at the Lyon & Montréal campuses.
Recognized as part of the “top 2 Animation School” by Shelley Page, from Dreamworks, ESMA is now well-known all over the world. To give the opportunity for everyone to integrate our CG course, ESMA has launched in english version of its training in Lyon’s campus.

Precondition for access : selection is based on artistics qualifications and an interview. An excellent english level is also recquired (TOEIC : at least 600 pts).

CG Animation & FX - Master Degree

Happy Easter

Promotion 2020

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Promotion 2019 . coup de coeur

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Petite Faim

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Monkey Symphony

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Chateau de Sable (Sand Castle)

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When it comes to seeking out the next generation of VFX rock stars – ESMA is always one of our first destinations !

Glenn Matchett
Global Head of Talent Marketing, MPC


ESMA is really one of the two premiers schools, not just in France, but in the world.

Shelley Page
Head of International Outreach, Dreamworks

professional quote

To better prepare for the professional world, ESMA students learn the importance of teamwork. They work with passionate and experienced teachers to produce ambitious animated films!

Jason Figliozzi
Animator, Disney Animation

shelley page


For most students, the CG Animation Cinema and Special Effects department is usually accessible after a French Baccalaureate (or an equivalent degree). It is meant for those who want to access the industry of CG animated cinema.

This qualifying training, validated at Master Level by the French RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifcations Professionnelles) is acclaimed by professionals throughout the world. The interview and the personal folio required for application at ESMA are essential in our selection.

Students may eventually be re-directed to a MANAA or foundation course before they are allowed to enroll in the Animation Cinema Department.

Each year is divided into two semesters, and is subject to full-time evaluation. An eight-week internship takes place during the training.

Our Goal

Decidedly oriented to artistic and technical training, the syllabus is perfect for those who aspire to enter the cinema industry, the world of video games or advertising.
Students are trained to master every step of the production of an animated project integrating digital images : pre-production (design of a model, storyboard, layout, script writing…), production (modeling, rig, animation…), post-production (lighting, rendering, special effects…).
This artistic and technical training is completed by other classes in the history of arts, image analysis, semiology and French courses.

Professionnal Project

During their last year at school, the students direct an animated short flm that will be screened before an international professional jury. This project gives them the possibility to use the abilities they have acquired in a practical way.

The recognition from the professional world also came with the IPAX label granted to ESMA by one of the giants of the industry : the Sony Imageworks studio…

The IPAX label gathers some 20 schools and universities in the world, including the only two French schools which could meet Sony’s very demanding standards both in academic and artistic excellence.

Network & Partners

The philosophy developed at ESMA goes beyond the mere training of students : the school is constantly willing to develop its network and to act as a gateway to the professional world for its students. These networks may be academic or professional. The academic network will enable the faculty to develop their abilities, to multiply its certifcations so as to gain acknowledgement and favor the professional integration of the students. Professional networks will allow the students to meet numerous professionals in their future feld, whether artists, companies or alumni.

Becoming professional

CG is present everywhere in the video game, cinema, advertising and television industries. It is present in the medical world, in industry, architecture, territory development, civil engineering, design… Concerning outlets, the CG Training offers multiple possibilities : director, CG Studio Supervisor, Lighting and Rendering Supervisor, Special Effects Supervisor, Art Director, Project Manager, Executive in a CG company, independent director…