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Preparatory Class

What is the Entertainment Preparatory Class ?

This year of study is a bridge between the high school diploma, and the CG Animation & FX training offered at ESMA. Intended for those who are certain of their professional project and who wish to set foot more quickly in the entertainment industry, this class gathers the basic learnings of the class of MANAA, completed with courses more specifically related to the animation field.

This preparatory class, offered at ESMA as from September 2019, has been specifically designed to prepare at best those who are willing to join our CG Animation & FX training.


Petite Faim

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Catch It

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Parole de pro

Les films de l’ESMA ont un gros niveau technique. Toujours de belles surprises, avec des lignes éditiorales différentes : on va du simple cartoon millimétre jusqu’à de l’hyper réalisme.

Florian Landouzy
Co-fondateur et Responsable de l’Animation, Supamonks


The Entertainment Preparatory Class includes the same basic learnings as the class of MANAA (drawing, visual arts, English…).

It aims at strengthening the students’ drawing techniques, and includes an in-depth study of the anatomical drawing, the creation of character design as well as units more specific to the field of 3D animation (digital processing, storyboard, photography and sculpture).

This preparatory year gives the students the opportunity to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge to integrate a training in the animation field.

Our educational team organizes a motivation meeting with each candidate willing to join this class. The study of their academic record is also a part of the selection.

Opening to the CG animation & FX training, the Entertainment Preparatory Class provides the basic skills of drawing, develops the artistic culture of the students, and encourages experimentation.


Objectives & Job opportunities

With extensive courses in drawing, anatomy, visual arts and digital, as well as specific workshops, the Entertainment Preparatory class is ideal for students wishing to perfect their technical knowledge and improve their artistic culture.

During this year, they will progressively acquire the necessary maturity, increasingly master the drawing’s fine techniques, and will learn to rely on a general & artistic knowledge that will serve as a solid foundation throughout their curriculum.

Under continuous monitoring, the Entertainment Preparatory class offers the students a unique opportunity to explore the world of the entertainment industry.

At the end of the year, a final examination, as well as an oral presentation of all the work elaborated during the year, along with a final project, assess the student’s achievements. After this preparatory year, they will have the option to apply for the CG animation & FX training, or one of the Bachelor’s degrees offered at ESMA, either in Graphic or in Space Design.

In Practice

The Entertainment Preparatory class allows the students to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge to follow our CG animation training.

Providing basic and fundamental learnings, it is the opportunity to experience the world of applied arts in all its facets.

This class offers a multidisciplinary education. The students progressively become familiar with the artistic and plastic fields. Overall, the preparatory year gives everyone the required tools to skillfully pursue their studies.

This year is divided into two semesters and is subject to continuous assessement. A final exam as well as an oral presentation of all the work elaborated during the year, along with a final project, conclude this year of study.

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Pursuit your studies at ESMA

Choosing our Entertainment Preparatory class is a way to give yourself the chance to choose between the trainings our school offers afterwards : the Graphic Design Bachelor's degree, the Space Design Bachelor's degree, and the training in CG Animation & FX.