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Conference : 3D presentation and narration

Conferences . 20 Dec. 2018

On the occasion of the unmarked week, the students of Entertainment Preparatory Class and MANAA had the opportunity to participate in a conference given by 3rd year students in 3D animation and special effects.

The conference was held in a studious atmosphere, the students were suspended by the passionate students explaining the process of creating their 1st and 2nd year projects.

Students delivered key tips for making still and moving images. Ranging from purely technical details such as the importance of light, the choice of textures, the modeling of objects for the composition of their work, to the attitude to adopt, which is essential for the success of any project.
“You can use textures from software but the best is to take a camera and take real texture, it will give real to your objects,” says Benjamin.

The preparation stage is important, based on the research and intention of each creation. No object is there by chance every thing must have a meaning, “We do not put a right effect because it’s good, it must be justified. “.
Yasmine focuses on workload, and teamwork.

“If you want to succeed your year, do not stay alone in your corner with your questions and your problems, a student has probably had the same problem and sharing you can avoid 10 hours of research! We are a promo, and it’s together we’ll get there! ”

The conference was a real immersion into the creative and technical world of 3D.