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Photography class

News . 23 Jan. 2019

Photography course for ESMA Nantes Prépa Entertainment students.

At first glance, students wonder how photo classes are concerned because they are intended to work in the 3D Animation Cinema and Special Effects.

Professor Didier Foucher aims to arouse their curiosity by leading them to see the links between photography, drawing and the algorithms of 3D software that they will be brought to use during their course.

The teacher emphasizes with students the need to sharpen their eyes, the eye is an observation tool that must be done on a daily basis. “Analyze the light, the shadows on the objects and the people around you that must become an automatism. Before modeling objects and making computer-based image composition, it is important to understand the reality in order to translate it as well as possible during 3D production.

It is in the studio of the school that the students practiced to work the photo in the manner of Studio Harcourt. At the end of the exercise they are delighted, beyond having beautiful portraits they claim to have learned a lot about the light, the focal, the angle of fields, finally the bridge between photography and 3D makes sense. They no longer have any doubt about the usefulness of this photo course for their 3D curriculum.

They also learned to work in the studio, especially on the importance of the rigor to keep in the storage of equipment, it was an opportunity to see the importance of everyone’s actions always in order to facilitate the work of ‘team.