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Demoreel’s studios world tour n°1

News . 19 Jun. 2018

More and more studios publish frequently reels on the web to show their last works

More than a good way to promote their skills and experience, it is also an great opportunity to be better known and to invite new talents to join. Let’s have a quick world tour of studios you’ve definitely have to follow !

  • ScanLine VFX is a talented studio based in Munich and Vancouver. They have recently worked on superheroes blockbusters Justice League, Guardians of Galaxy 2, Tomb Rider… Watch out!

  • Double Negative, of DNEG for close friends, is a great studio based in London. Many ESMA’s student are working there, and they create VFX for cinema, tv show, advertising and even VR projects. You can have a look to their last film demoreel to have a better idea of what they recently did.

  • Screen Scene is an Irish post-production studio based in Dublin. They used to work on tv series, advertising and long featured film like Last Days on Mars of the last season of Games of Thrones.

  • Unit-Image is an amazing French studio based in Paris. They work mostly of videogame cinematics, with full computer graphics sequences. You definitely have to look on what they do.