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ESMA in visit in Vietnam

News . 11 Oct. 2017

ESMA teams went to Vietnam on the occasion of the show "Welcome to France" and for the festival Panamanim.

Bienvenue en France

On the occasion of the studying show "Bienvenue en France" which is kept on October 7th in Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville and on October 8th in Hanoi, ESMA went to the encounter of the Vietnamese students.

Organized by the association Campus France, the event allowed the students interested in the CG Animation & FX to get more information on ESMA formation.

On Sunday morning, fifty students were also able to attend the conference "The cinematographic industry of Animation and Special Effects", presented by M.Khenissi, ESMA CEO and Pascal Chinarro, CEO of the Vietnamese studio "Bonjour Saigon" and  "Delapost".


Pascal Chinarro is also the creator of the Festival "Panamanim", organized in the French capital.
For this first Vietnamese edition, 12 movies were selectedto be thrown in front of a full house, on Saturday, October 7th.

Among them, 5 ESMA movies :