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Fox wins the “Prix du Jeune Public du festival international du film d’animation LES NUITS MAGIQUES” in Bègles

News . 16 Dec. 2016

Fox wins the "Prix du Jeune Public du festival international du film d'animation LES NUITS MAGIQUES" in Bègles.  

The 26th International Animated Film Festival "LES NUITS MAGIQUES" will take place from 1 to 11 December 2016 at the "Le Festival" cinema in Bègles.

In the program :
– International Short Film Competition with several awards from the public and the professional jury.
– Previews
– Youth Programming
– Ciné quiz "A la poursuite des toons"
– Improciné (short films followed by improvisations of actors)
– Thematic programming of short films (Shoco Films, Visegrad Animation forum)
– Behind the scenes of animated films (demonstrations of animations)
– Exhibition, workshop, meetings with professionals