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Framestore at ESMA

Conferences . 13 Feb. 2019
Montpellier, Toulouse

Lee-Anne Cormier, recruiter for Framestore Montreal studio, Syntyche Bio, recruiter and Damien Macé, Lead Environment / Digital Matte Painting for the studio Framestore London were present on the campuses of Montpellier and Toulouse of ESMA

ESMA : Can you describe your job?

Framestore : I’m Lee-Anne Cormier, recruiter for the Montreal studio. During my speech on ESMA Montpellier and Toulouse campuses, my colleagues from the London studio, Syntyche Bio, recruiter, and Damien Macé, Lead Environment / Digital Matte Painting were present. Indeed, we have a recruitment team in London and Montreal because we have different needs.

ESMA : Can you give me a summary of the day in montpellier and toulouse?

F : We first went to ESMA Toulouse where we made a presentation. After the presentation, we were able to talk with the students and look at their different projects. We had several questions about the administrative procedures to go abroad. For Montreal, we do not offer a work permit so students must have their own permit (PVT or EIC). On Wednesday, we visited ESMA Montpellier. Once again, we had a warm welcome!

ESMA : Can you give me a summary of what you mentioned at the conference?

F : It lasted about 1 hour. We talked about Framestore and its different divisions (Advertising, Television, Virtual Reality and Installations). We had time to answer questions, internships, job opportunities, etc. We were able to give them advice on how to present themselves in interviews, how to present their real / portfolio, what skills are expected from a VFX recruiter.

Our real goal is to best advise students and prepare them in the best ways in the world of animation! To facilitate their integration in a studio, especially at Framestore.

ESMA : Can you tell me about the studio’s ongoing projects and future projects?

Here are the current projects of the studio that I can mention:

  • Captain Marvel, our first Marvel project for the studio in Montreal,
  • Dumbo,
  • Detective Pikachu,
  • Avengers,
  • Spiderman