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“Hé Mademoiselle” online : a lot of media reactions with 488.000 views on youtube

News . 31 Mar. 2016

The short "Hé Mademoiselle" is online since satursday the 26th… With more than 110.000 views on YouTube, the film attracts the attention of the media…

"Being a prey to the males she meets in the street, that is the daily life of this young Parisian girl. What will happen to her suitors?"

That's the story of "Hé Mademoiselle", from the 2015 promo of ESMA, which attracts the attention of the french media.
Online since satursday the 26th, the short has been viewed more than 110.000 time so far.

"Hé Mademoiselle" is getting a lot of attention and is generating a lot of talking points. And that what they wanted to do when they imagined the story – they wanted to highlight this sensitive subject.

Among the media that have referred the short : France Bleu, Marie-Claire, 3DVF, BFM TV, Grazia, Le Figaro, Madmoizelle…
Note that the directors already gave some interviews for some websites – and some others will be done in the next few days…