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Jury 3D 2017: 17 short films in competition!

School . 30 Aug. 2017
Cycle Pro Animation 3D & Effets Spéciaux

The 2017 jury of CG Animation will be held at the Gaumont Multiplexe in Montpellier on Thursday 7th of September in the presence of a jury composed of prestigious jury.

A prestigious jury

The 2017 jury of CG Animation will be held in 10 days at the Gaumont Multiplexe of Montpellier in the presence of a jury composed of professionals of internationally renowned animation studios including:

Nwave Digital
Canal +
Double Negative
MacGuff Illumination
Passion Pictures
The Mill, etc …

Films from the school of Nantes in competition

For the second year, the Nantes school will present its films to the 3D Jury :
Seconde Chance :
Achoo :
Lazare :
Groovity :


The films of the school of Toulouse

This year for the 2017 edition of the 3D Jury, 6 films from ESMA Toulouse will be represented :
Ice Pepper :
Mécanique :
Or Bleu :
Sailor’s Delight :
The Archivist :
Made in France :


The films of the Montpellier school

ESMA Montpellier will present 7 films:
Charmeurs de verre :
Chimère :
Comme un éléphant dans un magasin de porcelaine :
Petite Faim :
Piston :
La Boîte :
Le Phare :

Following the screening of the 17 films of the 2017 promotion, the jury will elect the best short films of the year : good luck to you all!