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The best of CG – SHOWREEL 2017 studios – 1st wave

News . 03 Apr. 2017

Here is a selection of demos from animation studios.  

Let's do a little tour of the world through a selection of demos tapes from animation studios:

AltVfx, an Australian studio based in the cities of Brisbane and Sydney, which specializes in commercials and TV series, combining live shooting and high-level special effects. View the showreel

Image Engine is a Canadian studio known for its work on the latest episodes of the series Games of Thrones (which returns in a few weeks!), Or the latest animated film from the universe Of Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive. View Demoreel

Hybride is a Montreal based studio created by Ubisoft. Specializing in the effects of feature films, he owes plans to the latest Star Wars: Rogue One, the latest science fiction film First Contact, or the next feature film that will feature the King of Gorillas: King Kong. View Demoreel

Bläck is one of the leading Swedish special effects studios. Based in Stockholm, the team mainly produces effects and animations for advertising projects and cinematic games. View the showreel