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Mikros Animation in Montpellier and Toulouse

Conferences . 12 Dec. 2018
Montpellier, Toulouse

On Wednesday the 12th, Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th of December, Mikros Animation will visit students in Master Degree CG Animation & FX on the campus of ESMA Montpellier and Toulouse.


  • Estelle Ducarteron – Recruiter
  • Emmanuel Chapon- Modeling Supervisor

The proceedings in Montpellier and Toulouse

Here is the summary of the conference given to students in Cycle Pro 3D Animation Cinema & Special Effects below:

  • Presentation of the history of Mikros Animation studio
  • Presentation of the studio projects
  • Internships and recruitment offered at Mikros Animation

The 2 representatives of the studio did a tour in the different groups within the two schools. This allowed them to have long exchange with the students and to see the advanced short films of each group.

This is the first year that short films are made in 1 year and a half instead of 6 months. Estelle Ducarteron and Emmanuel Chapon perceived a real evolution in terms of rendering, organization and found the students much more serene and confident.


When the two speakers came, we did an interview.

The following topics were mentioned:

• Their respective paths
• The evolution of the animation market in France
• How do ESMA students fit into the Mikros Animation studio?
• What do they think about the 4-year training offered at ESMA?
• How they see the evolution of the world of animation