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Nvidia introduced its last research concerning a new denoising method based on deep learning

News . 21 Sep. 2018

Deep Learning and artificial intelligence are going to change a lot of things in computer sciences and uses in general

Evolution of calculation of GPU’s open an infinity of new way to solve problems and increase quality of image treatment. Nvidia is one of the most innovative company in this area and they seem to never stop to announce new researches or amazing new tools. Recently, they have introduced a new algorithm based on machine learning able to decrease, even erase, noise on picture. Based at Aalto University and MIT, this Nvidia researcher’s team has developed a new method that can fix images problems by simply looking at examples of corrupted photo.

First results are just impressive, and any photographer, video or computer graphic artist can dream now to software’s improvement with this new technology. Even if we are just at the beginning of this new revolution, this denoising technic could also help to save a lot of computing time in animation and vfx project, but also for old films or reels restoration of and probably many others fields we can’t imagine yet. To know more about it, let’s watch the video published by Nvidia on Youtube, and the technical article on their developer’s blog.