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200.000 subscribers on YouTube : let’s celebrate!

News . 14 Feb. 2017

Our YouTube channel "ESMA MOVIES" has just exceeded 200.000 subscribers with a total of more than 57 millions views !  

Among our subscribers, the most represented countries are the United States with 68 948 likes, followed by France with 56 346 likes and Mexico with 20 773 likes.
On our channel you can find more than 160 short films realized by our students, since 2006.

TOP 5 of the most seen movies on our channel, since its creation:

1- On the first step : 'Jungle Jail', with more than 16.475.264 views. Synopsis : That's the story of a young prisoner comes into a crazy jail where everything can happen.
2- On the second step : 'Emi', with 14 792.458 views.
3- 3rd, 'Mau' with 2 340.433 views.
4, 5- On the fourth and fifth place 'Ex-Et' with 1.672.620 views, and 'Infection' with 1 638 531 views.

TOP 5 of the most watched short films realized since 2013 :

1 & 2- On the first step 'Hey Mademoiselle', with 1.517.792 views, followed by 'Adult' Hair' with 593.390 views.
3, 4, 5- On the third place, 'Au fil de l'âge' with 346.596 views, followed by 'Tea Time' s quite close with 332.373 views, and finally 'Sweet Cocoon' which has reached 250.000 views!

Congrats to all our students and alumni! The success of this channel only depends on you!