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More than 500,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel

School . 17 Oct. 2018

Our channel ESMA Movies has just exceeded 500,000 subscribers, and has more than 125 million views

This is the opportunity for us to do a “best of” and to present you the TOP 5 most viewed movies of our Youtube channel since its inception!

TOP 5 most viewed films since the creation of the channel

1. ‘Jungle Jail’, with more than 31 million views: this is the story of a young prisoner who arrives in a zany prison where anything can happen.
2. ‘Indice 50’ with 18 million views
3. ‘Emi’ with 17 million views
4. ‘Chimère’ with 4,000,000 views
5. ‘Hey Mademoiselle’ with 3,900,000 views