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Conferences . 19 Apr. 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 Gérard Raucoules gave a meeting during the MICC about the jobs of CG Animation and FX.


As part of the second edition of the MICC, Montpellier Cultural and Creative Industries, the ESMA schools were invited to participate by giving a lecture on the theme of “Trades of CG animation and FX”. Gérard Raucoules, who is in charge of the CG Animation & FX Cinema section at ESMA, prepared and facilitated this conference.

A reminder, the MICC was launched last year with the aim of promoting both the initiatives and the actors of the cultural and creative industries of the region. Montpellier is a city that is becoming increasingly important in the sector with beautiful projects in perspective, such as the upcoming opening of the Creative Campus including ESMA will be part, and it was important to dedicate an event.


It is in the auditorium of the Fabre Museum, in the city center of Montpellier, that the appointment was given. For two hours, Gérard Raucoules introduced the participants to the CG animation in the cinema. He is not a novice in this field since he has been in this field for thirty years and knows all of secrets.

In opening conference, several short films ESMA students were screened, just to dive straight into the heart of the subject. This is also an opportunity for participants to take stock of the work done, and the level reached, by ESMA students during their studies.

Gérard Raucoules has taken a step back to show the evolution of animation cinema in time and its pioneers. Today, although this technique has become common to all to the point of having integrated (TV commercial, series, film, various special effects etc.), few people know the beginnings of this technology. The opportunity for participants to discover the first animated films made in the world.

The sequence was done on the professions of CG animation & FX as well as the existing connections between them. He also took the opportunity to present several studios. And, despite what one might think, many are also French and who, nevertheless, produce films with international influence.

After these presentations, Gérard Raucoules began to popularize the “production pipeline” of animated films based on the work done at ESMA (the students, at their own scale, reproduce the life of a studio CG animation). All the stages were approached: from the scenario to the final film passing the stages of design, modeling, rigging or compositing. Using diagrams and images of illustrations, he explained how relations between each other (pre-production, production and post-production, the three major stages) are intertwined in order to to reach the final result: the film.

A serene FUTURE

We also took the opportunity to talk about the school’s relationship with the studios, both national and global, and to present a little more about the school’s curriculum and opportunities. Remember, the sector of CG animation and FX is in great shape and with great future prospects and bright days ahead.

Following the presentation, a time was dedicated to exchanges with the public. Initially shy, the participants finally took the floor, many of them young people and parents, in search of answers concerning the curriculum of the ESMA. It was also an opportunity to bridge with the world of video games, a cousin of animated cinema, which seems to inspire vocations.

To close the whole thing, a new projection of some short student films was made.

A conference at the top and which was a great success with the participants and which we hope will have attracted vocations!