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Special Feature 1 million Youtube subscribers: Meet the directors of Sweet Cocoon

News . 25 Dec. 2019

With more than 8 million views, Sweet Cocoon ranks 5th in the most viewed movies on our Youtube channel. The directors are working on the project!


A short film with the ambition to entertain, to allow the spectators to escape. This is the legitimate and successful bias of “Sweet Cocoon”.

We just wanted people watching the film to have a good time. To be simple and light, no big humanitarian messages, no special morals, except perhaps to evoke nature. It’s like that, beautiful and cruel, but you can also laugh about it,” explains Quentin Puiraveau, one of the five co-directors with Matéo Bernard, Matthias Bruget, Jonathan Duret and Manon Marco.

So how did the story of this caterpillar, in the midst of a metamorphosis whose cocoon is too small, come about? “The idea was to create a natural universe on a completely different planet, while remaining close to our own with insects, an inexhaustible source of references for the imagination, with multiple adventures…“.


After months, “rich in ideas but far too long in writing“, the script was put together. Now with a clear working methodology: speed, efficiency. “We decided to make a quick decision on the choices while paying regular attention to each person’s workload and respective skills. We only had one thing in mind: a short film that was finished and visually coherent,” Quentin attests.

A human coherence also that the technical team maintained every week. “Despite the stress and pressure, we had snacks every Friday afternoon. We didn’t talk about the film. We were just there to pick up the phone and have a good time. “

Good times, with the corollary of the experience gained for a future career in the world of cinema. “It was unique! Technically, we had to be versatile, but at the same time we had to specialize in our respective fields. On a human level, we had to listen to each other and be open. Beyond the story, which can be more or less pleasing, the result is a finished product, unpretentious, efficient, giving an interesting profile for animation studios. “

A frank openness to the professional world, which is fully in line with ESMA’s educational approach.


Jury day?” What a joy to see our “baby” on the big screen! The highlight? When the room exploded with laughter, I felt a lot of pride. If we had to do it all over again, we’d do it exactly the same way, under the same conditions, with the same team,” confesses Quentin Puiraveau.

The adventure continues with ESMA Movies. “We’re proud of it! Knowing that, even after leaving ESMA, our work continues to live and to please, is a great reward. “One more!


In a natural universe that could be similar to our earth, two insects come to the rescue of a caterpillar that is desperately trying to metamorphose…

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