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[Spotted 11] Our alumni on the credits of : Jumanji

School . 20 Dec. 2017

Our former students have integrated the largest Animation and Special Effects studios in the world, and their names appear in the credits of all blockbusters.

“Jumanji” is screened in theaters since December 20th… The occasion for us to highlight many former ESMA students who have worked on this film.

Former ESMA students who worked on this project

Among them are Vincent Italia, Manon Marco, Karim Fradin, Tatiana Tchoumakova, Sylvain Nouveau…


  •     BUF
  •     Crafty Apes (visual effects)
  •     Iloura
  •     Instinctual VFX
  •     Mammal Studios (visual effects)
  •     Moving Picture Company (MPC)
  •     OllinVFX
  •     Rocket Science 3D
  •     Rodeo FX


The trailer for the movie

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