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[Spotted 13] Our alumni on the credits of Avengers : Infinity War

School . 25 Apr. 2018

Our former students have integrated the largest Animation and Special Effects studios in the world, and their names appear in the credits of all blockbusters

Avengers : Infinity War is screened in theaters since April 25th… The occasion for us to highlight many former ESMA students who have worked on this film.

Former ESMA students who worked on this project

Among them are Nouar Abdelkader, Sylvain Robert, Viviane Dall’Agnol, Pierre-Edouard Mérien, Alexandre Belbari, Julien Fradin, Nicolas Chiarot, Keyvan Leriche



Our former students in 3D pro cinema cycle worked throughout the project as :

  • Creature FX TD,
  • FX TD/Advertising,
  • Environnement TD,
  • Modeler,
  • Senior Animator,
  • Lighting TD

The trailer for the movie