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[Spotted 19] Our alumni on the credits of:  The Secrets Life of Pets 2

News . 31 Jul. 2019

What we don’t know always arouses our curiosity. The lives of our pets are no exception. What are they doing? Where are they going? In 2016, the film The Secret Life of Pets proposed to unveil this mystery. Three years later, the four-legged heroes are back on the screens. In order to animate them, many people participate in the making of the film. Several of our former students contributed to its release, discover them!


Many of us have grown up with pets, whether feathered, furred, scaly; small or large. In France, there are several million cats, dogs and birds. They are an integral part of our lives, brightening up our daily lives.

However, do we know what kind of life they lead once our backs are turned? When we come home in the evening and we see our four-legged friends waiting for us quietly, don’t we imagine they had an exhilarating day? It is this fantasy that The Secret Life of Pets franchise is exploring.

The first part was released in 2016 and, faced with the success and enthusiasm of the audience, a follow-up was logically launched. Three years after the new opus was released, developing a little more the idea and the basic characters. Like the spectators, the heroes have matured and embarked on new adventures that, in the background, offer a reflection on acceptance, letting go or even surpassing oneself.

The studio in charge of directing the feature film is Illumination MacGuff. Despite its English sounding name, it is indeed French! This new film is the studio’s 10th production. Several of our former students have joined its teams and participated in the creation of this suite. Discover them!

THEY ARE ON THE CREDITS OF THE secret life of pets 2

  • Regis Aillet (promo 2013) : Compositing artist – Illumination MacGuff
  • Elise Carret (promo 2017) : Marketing animator – Illumination MacGuff
  • Claire D’Intorni (promo 2016) : Characters surfacing – Illumination MacGuff
  • Clotilde Gillardeau (promo 2015) : Set surfacing – Illumination MacGuff
  • Rim Khayat (promo 2014) : Character modeler – Illumination MacGuff
  • Simon Puculek (promo 2016) : Character rigging – Illumination MacGuff
  • Thibault Stoyanov (promo 2010) : Character rigger – Illumination MacGuff

(The list is not entire, we present the profiles of our former students who answered our questionnaire)


The franchise “The Secret Life of Pets” was developed by the Parisian studio Illumination MacGuff. Founded in 2011, it is best known worldwide for the production of several of its quality feature films, including “Despicable Me 1-2-3”, “The lorax”, “The minions”, “The Secret Life of Pets 1-2”, “Sing 1-2″…

the secret life of pets 2, the SYNOPSIS

A few years have passed since the first adventures of the two dogs Max and Duke. Several upheavals have taken place in the lives of these quadrupeds, including the marriage of their mistress and the birth of her son Liam.

Feeling invested with a mission, Max tends to overprotect the child, going so far as to develop behavioural problems. During a trip to the farm, Jack Russel will meet and move forward.

For their part, the friends of the two canines are also facing complicated situations. Gidget, with the help of the imposing Chloe, will have to free Max’s apartment from a bunch of felines. As for Pompon, the friendly psychotic rabbit, he dreams of being a superhero. But will he be able to take the step from fantasy to reality?