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The Looking Glass

News . 21 Sep. 2018

The Looking Glass, an stunning holographic screen for computer graphic artist on Kickstarter

For some people, future of entertainment will be based on a mix of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Maybe, maybe not, who knows? But some others still believe in static screens, but a new generation of ones, improved top of the wave new tech. This is the case of “The Looking Glass”, an exciting holographic screen launched on Kickstarter. Shortly available in two sizes (8.9 and 15.6 inch), this project introduces an intelligent mix of technology.

This screen is able to broadcast any 3d content in real-time, or any photo/videogrammetry footage, and then give ability to watch on the sides : 3d objects, scenes, performance capture with an iPhone X, and more. Its creator’s team explain the Looking Glass has been designed for artists and creative people; that is why it comes with a development kit and will be compatible at his launch with Unreal Engine, Unity and main cg software (Maya, Blender, Zbrush, some CAD tools too…).

More than an new and innovative visualization system, it will include a hands recognition camera. Similarly to a Kinect or Leapmotion, to interact with holographic content, activate controllers for animation creation, create interactive actions directly with hands, or whatever you can imagine. 8,9” edition (600 $) must be available this month, and 15,9 (~2500$) before the end of year.