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Coronavirus: how has ESMA adapted?

School . 05 May. 2020
Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Toulouse

In the current context of the Coronavirus epidemic, schools are facing an unprecedented situation. In order to ensure pedagogical continuity for all our students, at ESMA we have demonstrated our adaptability and implemented numerous measures.


The Coronavirus crisis has turned an entire society upside down and turned its operations upside down. A situation that none of us could have thought realistic, as it seemed so much like science fiction as it was confining millions of people. And yet, reality has overtaken fiction. But that doesn’t mean that we were caught off guard and suffered the situation!

Indeed, anticipation has been our watchword. We were closely following the developments of the Coronavirus crisis in the world, as well as in France, and when the news became more worrying, it became clear to us that we would have to face a containment situation and therefore we would have to be ready if necessary.

cours digitalisé esma
An ESMA student in class.

The massive use of digital technology and digitisation has been helpful to us. At ESMA, we already rely on computer media in normal times, but their use has been increased and developed. It was essential to maintain courses and a link with students. The IT team gave students access to the servers and software necessary for their work.


But that wasn’t enough! A whole system was deployed to ensure pedagogical continuity:

  • By weekly pedagogical monitoring, and by telephone, of each of our students,
  • Through regular monitoring of courses broadcast at a distance (counting down the number of hours). The missing hours, requiring the presence of students on site, will be made up once the deconfinement has been initiated. Attendance and involvement in these courses are elements of the general assessment.
  • By maintaining the examinations to ensure the passage to the next year, or the obtaining of a diploma, with all the benevolence required by the situation. While remaining vigilant about what has been learned.
  • By the will to maintain internships in companies. Adjustments will be possible depending on the health situation in France when the time comes, and on the willingness of companies of course. However, exceptionally, the absence of an internship will not prevent the delivery of the diploma.
Our teachers and pedagogical teams in conference, from their homes.

We also made sure to preserve this human link between us and the students, aware that this situation could prove to be a source of harm for some of them.

To ensure this, during the weekly roll call, the educational teams checked the morale of the students and provided them with psychological help if necessary. Special attention was paid to the most isolated students. These calls also made it possible to ensure that the courses were being followed up and to find out if any students were experiencing difficulties.

Poste de travail partagé par une étudiante


The government announced a gradual deconfinement starting on May 11th. Once again, our watchword is anticipation. Anticipate this recovery so that it takes place under the best possible conditions. This also includes providing a healthy and serene framework in which students will be able to pursue their studies. We will not derogate from everyone’s safety.

Although a number of conditions linked to the resumption of studies have yet to be determined by the authorities, we are working to be operational beforehand so that we can welcome students back as soon as they are allowed to return to classes.

It is already apparent that initially only those students who absolutely need the school’s resources will be invited to return to class. Courses that can be maintained at a distance will be maintained at a distance. It is already planned to overflow the courses in June if this proves to be necessary. The whole programme announced and planned for the start of the school year in September 2019 will be carried out.

Poste de travail partagé par une autre étudiante de l'ESMA
Workstation shared by another ESMA student

As a follow-up to this article and the photos of our students’ workstations shared on our social networks, we will soon publish a video gathering testimonials from some of our students, teachers and members of our teaching team. They will share with us their feelings and experiences in this situation.

We look forward to seeing you soon and until then, be well and take care of yourself!