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3D Animation Supervisor

At ESMA, the students pursuing the 3D Animation training aim at joining the film industry in positions of responsibility, for example as 3D animation supervisors.

professional quote

The qualities of ESMA are the qualities of a very high level school. That a short film from ESMA is selected for the Oscars is well deserved!

Kristof Serrand,
Directeur Artistique, Dreamworks


L’ESMA est le tremplin qui m’a permis de rejoindre les plus grandes agences du monde et de travailler pour de grosses productions hollywoodiennes.

Baptiste Lebouc
3D Artist, MPC
Promotion : 2013

Kristof Serrand
MPC Studio


As his name suggests, the 3D animation supervisor is the centerpiece of the animation team : in direct relation with the director, he has a very clear idea of his expectations and intentions, which he passes on to his team of animators in pre-production. He also makes the link with the other studios working on the same project in order to ensure the coherence of the animation.


Attentive to his team of animators, whom he sees very regularly in order to better direct them, he is very well organised and must meet quality and deadline requirements. The many experiences he has acquired beforehand, and the quality of his work, will enable him to gradually be entrusted with increasingly important projects.

His role is not quite the same depending on the size of the studio in which he works : the 3D animation supervisor may have to manage a dozen animators, but can as well be called upon to manage a team of a hundred people! When conditions permit it, he can also animate characters or shots himself.

According to Kristof Serrand, 3D animation supervisor on “Dragons”, two skills are essential in this position : the ability to enter the characters’ skin, in order to make them act in the best possible way, and a very strong team spirit. This last quality will enable the 3D animation supervisor to manage his teams in the best conditions, for an optimal result!