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Visual Effects Specialist 2D/3D

The visual effects specialist (2D/3D) is an illusionist, and computer software is his favourite tool. On his computer, he receives the raw images (real shots, animated sequences…), to modify them according to the director’s will. At the center of the FX department, the visual effects specialist is entrusted with missions that are often very diverse, whether he works on a film, a video game or a commercial.

professional quote

ESMA students are among the profiles we are interested in. It is a school that has had its place for ten years among the best French schools.

Sébastien Chort
CG Supervisor, Blur


When it comes to seeking out the next generation of VFX rock stars – ESMA is always one of our first destinations !

Glenn Matchett
Global Head of Talent Marketing, MPC

Sébastien Chort

At the heart of the service dedicated to the special effects of a film, a video game or an advertisement for example, the 2D / 3D truquist is entrusted with missions that are often very diverse.


Creating fictional settings, deleting an unwanted detail, elaborating a character straight out of the imagination of the scriptwriters, simulating an explosion, giving the illusion of a landscape with striking realism… In short, his finesse of detail and his ability to appropriate the ideas of his supervisors, result his effectiveness and success.


This technician, also very creative and endowed with a strong imagination, mostly works behind his computer. Nevertheless, he collaborates closely with the director, who shares with him his ideas, his approach, and follows him in the evolution of his work.

Like many positions in the animation or video game industry, the visual effects specialist (2D/3D) must meet deadlines, often very short, and hence must be responsive, lively and adaptable.