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Director / The CG Project Manager

In the context of a CG production, the CG director (also known as the CG project manager) is THE person at the heart of the project. Artist, technician and pilot at the same time, he follows the various stages of the project, from its reflection to its conception, and perfectly masters its subtleties.

Professional quote

At Illumination MacGuff there is around 90 people from the school ESMA, from all the France. For this students, the integration is easy : between their short film of end of study and the exercices along their learning. They can work inside the team and a pipeline of animation. We watch this school very close because there is a good formation and talented students.

Amélie Paraïso 

Head of recruitment, Illumination MacGuff


ESMA is an outstanding school… The animation and VFX produced by the students is impressive on every level. I always look forward to seeing the final projects.

Dylan Sisson
Technical Marketing Specialist, Pixar


Real conductor, the CG director is the main referent of a project. In direct relation with the production, he chooses his teams (storyboarder, character designer, CG animators or special effects supervisor…), who collaborate under his direction. He is the main referent of a project.

He is involved in pre-production, production and post-production. Before the project starts, he refines the script, gathers and briefs all the participants in order to pass on his intentions and the orientations he has defined in the smallest details (characters, set, light, camera angles…).

During the actual execution of the project, the CG project manager will closely follow each artistic and technical collaborator, whom he will guide as the project evolves. Finally, in post-production, he will support the editing and timing, which are crucial in the final rendering of the project.


Versatile, natural manager and gifted with strong organizational skills, the CG project manager is subject to time, budget and quality requirements.

His strong personality and the full range of his knowledge give him the necessary tools to succeed.
Because of his central role, the CG project manager needs to have a solid knowledge (or at least understanding) of the different specialities of his collaborators.

He must therefore be comfortable with teamwork. Good manager, he is rigorous and organized.
To deal with the urgency and unexpected events that may arise in his field, he must react quickly and resist stress.
Overall, he must show authority but also psychology. An iron fist in a velvet glove !


After his graduation, the CG project manager does not immediately have the responsibility of a production, especially in the animated film : the job is also learned through experience and gradually.

Therefore, often limited to experienced executives, the position of project manager is relatively remunerative : between 40,000 and 80,000€ per year approximately (2,800€ gross per month for a project manager).

The project manager can work within many companies (production, multimedia, communication…). He can also start as an independent and work on commission.

Over time, he may evolve towards live action cinema, television or advertising as an employee or self-employed. In this business, seizing the opportunities and bouncing back appropriately is essential !