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3D Animator

First and foremost, the animator or animator 3D intervenes downstream of all the graphic work, specific to the designers (character designer, set designer…). Its purpose : to put in motion the characters, elements of decoration and other objects, to allow them to evolve in the environment to which they are intended.

Parole de pro

Les films de l’ESMA ont un gros niveau technique. Toujours de belles surprises, avec des lignes éditiorales différentes : on va du simple cartoon millimétre jusqu’à de l’hyper réalisme.

Florian Landouzy
Co-fondateur et Responsable de l’Animation, Supamonks


« On avait senti les années précédentes le niveau monter, mais cette année 2015, il y a beaucoup de films très beaux, surtout dans tout ce qui est réaliste »

Fédérico Costa
Directeur Artistique, Delapost

Artist above all, the 3D animator appears in an animation project after the designers’ work (character designer, set designer…).

His mission is to set in motion the characters, elements of decoration and other objects of a scene, in order to allow them to evolve in the environment for which they are intended.

Giving life to characters

Movements and facial expressions are the two aspects on which the 3D animator will weigh, and which will mobilize his knowledge and expertise.
Indeed, he is the one to create the motion, which will give the characters their gestures, their cadence, and their own way of moving. He also gives the scene its rhythm.

As for his work on facial expressions, it allows him to develop the characters’ acting skills. Joy, surprise, rage… The 3D animator has a good knowledge of the range of emotions, which he expresses through the features he attributes to his characters.


An essential mastery of animation software

Comfortable with information technology, and most specifically with the various animation software (Maya, 3ds Max…), the 3D animator works with the highest precision, in accordance with the expectations of the artistic director or the director. His knowledge of physics, anatomy and his great sense of observation are his best assets.