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3D Artistic Director

On a 3D project (video game, animation film, 3D communication…), the 3D Art Director is the ultimate reference.

Parole de pro

Les films de l’ESMA ont un gros niveau technique. Toujours de belles surprises, avec des lignes éditiorales différentes : on va du simple cartoon millimétre jusqu’à de l’hyper réalisme.

Florian Landouzy
Co-fondateur et Responsable de l’Animation, Supamonks


« On avait senti les années précédentes le niveau monter, mais cette année 2015, il y a beaucoup de films très beaux, surtout dans tout ce qui est réaliste »

Fédérico Costa
Directeur Artistique, Delapost

On a video game or an animated film, the 3D artistic director works closely with the 3D director or the project manager, whose intentions he understands and integrates


In a communication agency, he works directly with the client. This team leader sets the tempo, defines the universe of the project, may be led to sketch graphic tracks himself, validates or invalidates the artists’ proposals, and must decide in case of disagreement


Naturally, he does a lot of follow-up work with the artists (storyboarders, animators, game designers…), which he directs to the best of his ability, in order for them to provide a result as close as possible to the the director’s or the client’s expectations. The success of the projects he collaborates to depends greatly on his ability to keep an eye on everything, and to maintain coherence and continuity between the different parts of the project.


The artistic director can rely on a very vast culture of image, a very good knowledge of software and technical processes, as well as on a good ability to manage his teams.